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Journal Papers


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2. Xiaorui Zheng, Annalisa Calò, Tengfei Cao, Xiangyu Liu, Zhujun Huang, Paul Masih Das, Marija Drndic, Edoardo Albisetti, Francesco Lavini, Tai-De Li, Vishal Narang, William P. King, John W. Harrold, Michele Vittadello, Carmela Aruta, Davood Shahrjerdi & Elisa Riedo  "Spatial defects nanoengineering for bipolar conductivity in MoS2." Nature Communications 11, 3463 (2020):

3. Jason Lipton, Jason A. Röhr, Vi Dang, Adam Goad, Kathleen Maleski, Francesco Lavini, Meikang Han, Esther H.R. Tsai, Guo-Ming Weng, Jaemin Kong, Elisa Riedo, Yury Gogotsi, and André D. Taylor "Scalable, Highly Conductive, and Micropatternable MXene Films for Enhanced Electromagnetic Interference Shielding" Matter 3, 1–12 (2020),​

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PhD Thesis

1. "Atomic force microscopy study of nano-confined liquids" (Tai-De Li, 2008). Tai-De_Li_Thesis 


2. "Thermochemical nanolitography fabrication and atomic force microscopy characterization of functional nanostructures" (Debin Wang, 2010). Debin_Wang_Thesis


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4. "Advanced scanning probe lithography and its parallelization" (Xi Lu, 2016). Xi_Lu_Thesis

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